FIWFA and International Walking Football

Timeline, the founders and directors

Established as a company In December 2018, as the Governing body for International Walking Football, in order to manage and guide the growing international scene, promoting social and physical wellbeing.

Originally run by the directors of WFA but with the aim of becoming an international organisation with representative board

John Croot is President

Paul Carr is Chief Executive

Responsible for the International matches currently being played in the Uk

Responsible for running the first ever European Nations Cup in Chesterfield in 2019

Responsible for organising the first Official FIWFA World Cup in Manchester in 2021

Recently appointed the renowned Dr. DeeDee Mahmood as Director of International Development and Research

Paul Carr

Founder and Chief Executive

Paul is a Chartered Accountant and started playing walking football in 2014 whilst studying for a Football Business & Finance degree at the prestigious University, UCFB at the Etihad campus in Manchester.

In 2016 Paul conceived the idea that the sport was in need of direction, and founded the WFA as the National Governing Body for walking football in the UK.

Progress has been rapid, and the WFA are now the pre-eminent body in the sport, having developed referee training and unique coaching courses, along with establishing England and Wales Over 50s and Over 60s national teams. The WFA also run the world’s largest and oldest National Cup Tournament, with over 200 teams entering in 2019.

Paul and John founded FIWFA to help guide and direct the phenomenal international growth, with the sport now being played in over 50 countries.

international walking football

Ricky Weir

FIWFA Ambassador to Africa

Ricky has been instrumental in developing walking football throughout Africa resulting in both Rwanda and Nigeria coming to the 2020 World Cup. His involvement also covers Kenya and South Africa.

Ricky plays for the Jersey National team

international walking football

John Croot

President and Director

John has been a director of Chesterfield Football Club for over 30 years. He is also Chief Executive of Chesterfield Football Community Trust, an award-winning charity that runs numerous local community schemes, including walking football.

As the creator of the sport in 2011, John was delighted to accept the WFA’s invitation to join

the Board in 2017. John is a founding director of FIWFA.

international walking football

Dr Dee Dee Mahmood

Director of International Development and Research

Dr Dee Dee Mahmood is the Director of International Development and Research.

In what is a major milestone in the sport, Dee Dee is Instrumental in spearheading research and developing augmental progress of Walking Football4Health Asia with her communities- crossing-countries health empowerment movement into Asia and Australia.

As a highly respected and influential individual, Dee Dee is known internationally as a TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker Lecturer, Researcher, multi-award-winning Celebrity Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist and TV Presenter/Talk Show Host.

Ken Davies

Ken Davies

Head of Marketing
Stuart langworthy

Stuart Langworthy

Head of Coaching

John Garrett

Head of Refereeing