Walking Football Referee Course

Overseas Club Referees’ Course for emerging walking football nations

In association with The Walking Football Association in the UK we have introduced an Overseas Walking Football Referees’ Course aimed at nations that are new to walking football with the goal of helping those nations and associations run walking football in their territory.

We have run courses in Guernsey, Jersey, Wales, Rwanda, Singapore and Kualalumpa.

1 day course - 10 attendees

The one-day courses are limited to a maximum of 10 attendees and introduce nations to the concept of walking football and how to best referee the game.

The course covers:

  • Origins, Ethos & Values of WF
  • Review Aide Memoire Exercise
  • Rules of Walking Football
  • Decision Making

Refereeing in Action:

  • Inter-personal Skills
  • Conflict Resolution

Objective Test (Knowledge):

  • 25  multiple choice questions

Practical Test  (Skills):

  • Observation by tutors of participants referee a game of walking football

Feedback to participants on a one to one basis:

  • Objective Test
  • Practical Test

Other topics covered on the courses

  • Referee development opportunities
  • Referee pathways to a higher level of refereeing

Walking Football Referees’ Certificate

At the conclusion of the course, all successful attendees are awarded a certificate to say they have passed the course and we offer continued telephone and email support following the course.

Costs: Per 1 day course: £500. Maximum trainees: 10
Certificates: Issued on completion of the course

Host country to fund all travel and accommodation for WFA tutors

When proposing a date, the options below are broad to allow us to better plan courses. We will be intouch to finalise actual dates.

WFA Coaching Team during our recent coaching course in Singapore and Malaysia

walking football coaching
walking football coaching
walking football coaching
walking football coaching
walking football coaching
walking football coaching
walking football coaching
walking football coaching

World Walking Football

International Walking Football - FIWFA

Join us, as we aim to take walking football to every corner of the globe. Promoting fun, fitness and friendly competition for men and women.


Walking Football is a unique ball game created in 2011 in England.

FIWFA walking football is an independent governing body with no association with any other Sport’s governing bodies.

Nations side by side