1. Tournament organisor


  1. Cancellation

Should the tournament be cancelled by FIWFA, a full refund of tournament fees will be made but without accepting responsibility or liability for any compensation claims

  1. Team withdrawals

Should a team withdraw for any reason, no refund will be due

  1. Squad submissions

Names and ages of all squad members must be submitted to FIWFA 14 days before the tournament start date.

Both genders are welcome.

  1. Ex professional players

A maximum of 3 in a squad and 2 on the pitch

  1. Eligibility

Place of birth or minimum 5 years residency

  1. Registration of players

Player proof of age and eligibility must be shown at the registration day

  1. Medical waiver form

All players are required to sign the medical waiver form supplied by FIWFA

  1. Insurance

The organiser cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages to people or personal equipment or belongings during the tournament

All teams participate in the tournament at their own risk

All teams are advised to take out their own travel and personal injury insurance

  1. Tournament format

The organisers reserve the right to adapt the format depending on the number of entries in each age group

  1. Player discipline

We expect total respect to all referees and tournament officials. FIWFA adopt a zero -tolerance policy. Further details will be set out within the tournament rules.

  1. Tournament disputes

These will be reviewed and settled by FIWFA and their decisions will be final

  1. Photos and video

By agreeing to play in the tournament you agree to allow any photos and videos of your team to be used in the promotion of the event

  1. Force Majeure

FIWFA cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control, such as war, civil unrest, terrorist action, riot, industrial action, natural disaster, weather conditions or fire.


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